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May 25, 2016 11:46 AM

São Paulo

Brazilian Paralympic Training Centre starts its operations

Sport complex caters for 15 Paralympic sports
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Around 100 days to go to the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, athletes from different sports started using the facilities at the Brazilian Paralympic Training Centre for the first time. During the ceremony in São Paulo, which marked the official opening of activities at the venue this Monday (23.05), athlete Shirlene Coelho expressed how Brazilian athletes felt. "We now have a home to call our own. I would like to thank the sport's supporters and make a request: that this dream never ends", said Shirlene, member of the Brazilian Paralympic athletics squad. 

The complex is the biggest in the world in number of sports catered for: 15 in total. The venue is the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games main legacy for adapted sports infrastructure. The national athletics team will use the facilities for the first time next week, when the athletes will take part in a training session. The schedule is full of activities for the following months. The national athletics circuit events, as well as swimming and weightlifting will use the venue in June and July.

The terms for the use of the structure by the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB) for a 12 month period was signed at the ceremony. For the Minister of Sport Leoardo Picciani, the home of Paralympic sport will enable not only the development of current talent, but particularly of future ones. "Here is a critical starting point. It was only possible through a partnership with the São Paulo State Government. I'm sure that the Paralympic Games will thrill Brazil. Because of our athletes' achievements and their example of strength, determination, willpower and hope, which will be on shown to all of the Brazilian population", he said.

Leonardo Picciani stated that the new training centre is the starting point for new talent. "While the federal government thought of investing in a centre for us, we put a bid in. The city has the São Paulo Paralympic Team and we couldn't waste this opportunity. Today, there's nothing better than this venue in the world", explained São Paulo's governor Geraldo Alckmin.

Ronystony Cordeiro. Picture: Roberto Castro/


Bruna Alexandre, one of the Paralympic table tennis revelations, was even happier for having a structure closer to home. "I saw the venue from the street and thought its size was amazing. I'm happier because I live close to it, in São Caetano do Sul. I think it's a great step forward, not just for me, but for every athlete, who will train together at the structure", she explained.

Clodoaldo Silva, holder of 13 Paralympic medals visited the training centre for the first time and felt at home. "I couldn't have imagined this, not even in my wildest dreams. I started at a time when Paralympic sport had no publicity or investment. The centre will help consolidate Brazilian Paralympic sport. It's really good to get here and feel at home", he said.

In his third visit to the centre, swimmer Ronystony Cordeiro also celebrated the delivery of the venue. "When I visited for the first time I was looking and thinking how long it would take for it to be built. Now, it's gratifying to have this structure with a fast pool for specific training. This is the best pool we have, all adapted for Paralympic swimming. We have nothing to complain about. All we have to do is be grateful and work", he celebrated.

Acclimatisation Rio 2016

The Brazilian delegation will arrive at the Brazilian Paralympic Training Centre for their final training stages for the Games on 21 August. The athletes will intensify their training until 1 September.


Construction works for the training centre started in December 2013, at the Fontes do Ipiranga Park. The venue is one of the National Training Network's main spots. Built according to accessibility parameters, with access ramps and lifts, the structure has 86 lodging units, able to cater for between 280 and 300 people, as well as training areas for 15 Paralympic sports: athletics, wheelchair basketball, boccia, swimming, wheelchair fencing, 5-a-side football, 7-a-side football, goalball, weight lifting, judo, wheelchair rugby, table tennis, wheelchair tennis, triathlon and sitting volleyball. The unit is divided in 11 sectors that encompass sporting training areas, hotel, conventions centre, laboratories, physical conditioning and physiotherapy.

A total of R$ 305 million was invested in the centre, R$ 187 million of which from federal resources. From the total invested by the Ministry of Sport, R$ 167 million were invested in the building of the centre and another R$ 20 million in equipment.

Breno Barros - Ministry of Sport